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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Yay, quite a bit of good stuff to write here...

Since my last post, I've been working a whole lot on FishMotor.
And it is beautifull!
It currently loads 3DS files (non-animated), textures them (almost any image format you can think of) and displays them with lighting. Most of it through a plugin system that is very easy to work with.
A Linux version is being made side-by-side, and currently is about 100fps slower than the windows version. This is probably due to horrid open-source drivers for my old video card.

My old video card mentioned above won't be a problem for me much longer though:
On Monday I'll be buying an ATI x1300, which while not top-of-the-line, is a big upgrade from my ole 7500.
Actually, saying it's a big upgrade is an understatement.
To go with the fancy new card, I got myself an Athlon64 3500+. Yup, I can finally get back to work on that Dreamcast emulator project, Minerva, except...

Talking about emulators, I'm modding VisualBoyAdvance by making it spit out C++ code from whatever it executes. This code will then be compiled and linked to the emulator. Result? Hopefully full-speed GBA emulation on a GP2X by means of static-recompilation. It's a great educational experience and whatever I learn here will benefit Minerva. The VBA port is preferencial, as it is much less ambitious than Minerva. Being simpler, a GBA emu will pave the road for a DC one.


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