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Sunday, February 26, 2006

This ain't no blog...

... it's a dev diary. Blogging is boring.

I was previously blogging (dev diary-ing :P) on the codewars website (, but due to the site admin's prolonged abscence, I figured it'd be best to move over here instead.

As mentioned previously, this is more of a dev diary, so I'll be talking more about code here, and whatever projects I'm working on, rather than my day, lunch, fish, girlfriend (well, lack of), etc.

I currently have 3 active projects:
1) Minerva - A platform-independent Sega Dreamcast emulator with a dynarec core.
2) Space thing - A 2D online space fighter with worlds generated on run-time for an infinite universe. (Name subject to change)
3) FilterPaint - An image manipulation software, which strives to be very different from the existing programs.


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